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Questions from Exam Candidates

What is required for my online exam?

Requirements are explained here.

What type of computer system is required for an exam candidate to use your ONLINE LIVE Proctor exam services?

You can check your system here.

Does a firewall interfere with providing an exam online?

The answer is no for the majority of exam candidates. However, some workplaces require a high level of security. In this scenario the exam candidate would be encouraged to sit the exam from home; or work with their IT department.

How do I connect with the Proctor?

Your exam appointment confirmation email will explain how to do this. Your proctor will then take you through the set-up process which takes approximately fifteen minutes.

What hours are your centers open?

We provide ONLINE exams 24x7 - 365 days a year access via our online system. We don't have any test centers. 

What are your payment options?

Payment options available to candidates purchasing exams are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Visa Debit. Please check with your organization for details.

What procedures are in place to handle various disabilities?

As of January 31, 2010, we have been compliant to the Customer Service standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). By virtue of this compliance, all that we do needs to be accessible to everyone. All staff receives this training. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure all peoples, regardless of ability have access to our products. Our exam software provides larger font controls, screen contract, additional time needed, etc.  Contact us at exams@loyalistexams.com for any special accommodations.

How do I connect with the Proctor?

Once you have scheduled your exam, your exam appointment confirmation email will explain how to do this.  Your proctor will then take you through the set-up process which may take approximately 15 minutes.

What does it cost the exam candidate if they reschedule/cancel their appointment?

If you are within 24 hours of your appointment time, you can reschedule to another date and time.  You may cancel then reschedule at a later time if you do not know the available date.  Note:  There is a fee if you are cancelling your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled session time.  This fee will be prompted for payment prior to your next scheduled exam.  Please ensure you schedule prior to your expiration date as this date cannot be extended.

When do I receive my exam results once I complete my exam?

Your exam results will be provided within 24-48 hours after completing your exam.  This will, however depend on the exam and how this is set up within the organization (for example, manually graded exams).

Is there a Help guide available to outline the online exam process?

Yes, we provide a Help Guide on the web portal for your reference.  We recommend you read this before you create your account with us.

Can I change my name or email address after I create my account?

No, due to security reasons LES will need to make any updates.  Please reach out to us at exams@loyalistexams.com.

How do I reset my password to the web portal?

Once you have created your account and if you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot Password link.  You will be asked to enter your email address where your new password will be sent.  In this case, your OLD password will be the temporary password sent to you in this email.  (same process as the account creation).

If you did not receive your email with your new password, please check your junk or spam folder.  You may also need to check your company firewall as this could be the cause since the email has the word 'password' in it.

You can change your password at any time by clicking on the "Update Profile" from the menu of your web portal.

Way better than I expected, so used to the typical test center environment, I took the exam from the comfort of my own home and everything was great. ~ Francisco Rios, Exam Candidate

This was my first time using an online test system like this and it was great. Can't wait to use it again! ~ Julie Reed, Exam Candidate