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What is required for my online exam?


Online proctoring allows you to take your exam anytime, anywhere.  Preparing your environment and ensuring your internet connection is fast and reliable is vital to ensuring a successful exam experience.

Connecting to the Proctor - click here
This tests the proctor’s ability to access your computer, and ensure your webcam and microphone are functioning properly.  If you are unable to complete the test, it is likely a firewall is preventing it from running. This is not uncommon in a workplace environment. It’s likely you will need to use a connection outside of work; or work with your IT Department to allow access..

System Requirements:

  • Desktop computer or laptop (tablets, Chromebook and cell phones do not meet our requirements)
  • A working built-in or external webcam and microphone
  •   Internet speed must be at least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Hot spots are not recommended. Test internet speed at :http://www.speedtest.net
  •  Browser with pop-up blocker disabled

• The proctor must be able to see and hear you throughout the duration of your exam.
• When you log in to take your exam, you will enter a video session with a trained proctor.

The proctor will need to:
• Have permission to connect to and control your computer
• Make sure your computer is ready for the exam
• Check your photo identification (government issued I.D.)
• Inspect the room you are in to ensure it meets requirements for being clear of paper, people, and other items that might appear to provide help during the exam
• Connect you to the testing environment and start the exam
• Monitor your session to maintain exam session integrity
• Assist with logistical and technology questions related to the exam session. The proctor is not able to assist with questions relating to the exam itself. 

Tips for Improving Network Connection

If your network connection tests outside the recommended speed or latency, try the following:

  • Use a hardwired connection. Wireless connections are more likely to flucuate. Changes in your connection during your exam can have an extremely negative impact.
  • Ensure no other devices are using large amounts of bandwidth (like streaming video) on the same connection.
  • Restart your router.
  • Call your service provider.

• System tests should be run at a similar day/time and use the same connection for your exam.
•Performance issues or disconnects during an exam are typically the result of your connection.
• The exam timer will continue to run despite connection issues you may experience.
• All exam sessions are recorded in order to ensure and enforce compliance.
• The virtual environment (if used) does not recognize keyboard shortcuts like your local machine. Specifically, the ‘Esc’ and ‘Ctrl’ keys do not function as you may expect; we recommend avoiding these keys within the virtual environment.
• All test takers are responsible to meet connection requirements.
• You cannot take your exam using a public hotspot.

Your Physical Environment
• You must find a quiet, private room to take your exam.  Clear your workspace. 
• You are only allowed to use one screen during your exam. When using a Laptop PC, you may use an External Monitor only if the following requirements are met:

  1. The Laptop Display settings show the Monitor to be used (ie. Show Desktop only on....)
  2. The Laptop is closed
  3. A Webcam is provided from the External Monitor
  4. An external Keyboard and External Mouse is added

• Erase whiteboards, turn off televisions and monitors, and take down anything that may appear to have information helpful to taking the test.
• Google Chrome browser is recommended; unless otherwise referenced in your confirmation email.




Way better than I expected, so used to the typical test center environment, I took the exam from the comfort of my own home and everything was great. ~ Francisco Rios, Exam Candidate

This was my first time using an online test system like this and it was great. Can't wait to use it again! ~ Julie Reed, Exam Candidate