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Our proprietary software, LEMS is an integral aspect of our service catalog.

The intuitiveness of LEMS screens supports your organization and your candidates by providing some or all of these functions:

Candidate profiles

  • Candidates may access their exam records anytime.
  • Single Source Sign On (Application Program Interface)

The candidate can sign into the clients portal and will be transferred to the Loyalist Exam Management System when they click to schedule an exam. Single source log on provides your candidate with the comfort of not leaving your organization's web site. Seamlessly, the candidate moves between your LMS and LEMS to complete their exam related tasks. LEMS additionally offers to house the candidate's exam results data providing the right information when and where you need it!


LEMS processes can be mapped to your needs. The initial cost for LEMS customization can be quickly absorbed by the elimination of administrative tasks. Additionally, LEMS may replace other technical tools that provide one of these features.  Your organization may simply choose to use the LES Exam store as a simple cost effective solution with many tools built in to the basic model.


The portal available to your candidates can be branded with your organization's colour scheme, logos and look/feel. Customizing the login page has been shown to make your candidates less apprehensive about using an online proctoring service when it appears like other institution pages and services and is accessed through the organization.


Identifying customized fields and reports are part of the initial needs assessment performed by LES. If there is information that helps you measure success; LEMS can track it in real time. 

Cost Effective Solutions

LES provides the lowest price to entry in this market. The low start-up cost combined with no minimal volume requirement (usually per year) minimizes risk.  Beginning with the LES Exam Store for a simple solution right through to a fully customized solution we can help you every step of the way or simply provide guidance where you need it. Let LES and its incredibly helpful staff provide an exceptional customer service experience for you and your exam session candidates.


Way better than I expected, so used to the typical test center environment, I took the exam from the comfort of my own home and everything was great. ~ Francisco Rios, Exam Candidate

This was my first time using an online test system like this and it was great. Can't wait to use it again! ~ Julie Reed, Exam Candidate